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Welcome to James' Therapy Corner. Hello, my name is "Jim", a.k.a., Ngiap Jong, Yeyong, or James Loh. I am interested in health, mental health, spirituality, and human sexuality issues, and especially the effects of all types of trauma on the minds and bodies of survivors, and the treatment of sexual and other types offenders. Identifying and communicating effective treatment protocol for sexual offenders is, in part, what I hope this home page accomplishes. I have included some of what I have written about my experience on this issue here in my home page. Also, I have included mediation as a platform to help clients navigate and return to live in their community and home. Please feel free to write me with your comments, concerns, questions and suggestions. Also, write and tell me about home pages that you think would be of interest to me or visitors of my home page. Since I haven't had time to thoroughly check out the mental health and miscellaneous "links", I would appreciate any help I can get. So, just drop me an e-mail when you find any problematic links.

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Special note to survivors: Please make sure that "support" is available to you before venturing to any abuse/support websites!

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Sexual Offense Cycle Interventions - A Relapse Prevention Model


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